Chloe King


Chloe King is an Erotic Author of Short Stories.  She started her writing with ‘Jemma’s Diary Series,’ the first been ‘Jemma’s Diary – From Virgin to Wife in Twelve Months.’

The story continues through another four books showing the joys and pitfalls of relationships where there is more than one partner.  It shows the joy of parenthood and how Jemma still enjoys a good, though not always a healthy sex life.  She is quite the nymphomaniac at times.

Book Five is to be released on the 14th February 2016. 

Chloe lives in the wilds of Wales in a small cottage with her two cats.  She is not computer savvy and tends to read, write and go walking.  Her draft novels she emails to Plaisted Publishing House where they are sent on to editors, formatted and published.

You can find Chloe’s books on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Nook, Inkstra and many more.