The Swinger’s Wife

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Chloe King - Erotic Author

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About the Book

The Swinger’s Wife was originally set for an Erotic Anthology.  Of course the muse took over and the word count got a bit to big fr the Anthology.  So I decided to turn it into a book and start another for the Anthology.

The Swinger’s Wife is about a young woman who has been taught sex is for procreation and nothing else.  She lets her husband take her when he wishes.  One night she finds him watching Porn on TV totally shocking her.

This is the start of her adventures for a young…

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I taste him...And...realize I've beenstarving.

There are no words at this point, just taste and touch, joining bodies to quench the rage of need and passion within you. Nothing matters, it’s just you and me, absorbing each other, melting into each other, sating each other, becoming one.

Treasured Kiss

OwnedKisspromo This is the most treasured kiss, sought by lovers throughout time. The kiss that says, “You’re mine. You belong to me. I will protect you, love you, my sacred gift, my treasured love, my beautiful woman.”
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The Kiss of a Rose

Day Six

The kiss of a rose,” sang out on the radio with the divine voice of Seal.  He’d always made my heart beat faster with his sexy voice, just like Liam did.  Oh how I love listening to Liam talking, though much better when he was singing in the shower.

“Rose,” he yelled.

“What now Jordy?”  I rolled my eyes at my boyfriend.

“Get in here woman, i’m hungry,” he said demandingly.

“Get off your ass and make your own dinner, I’ve gotta go out with the band tonight,” I yelled back.

“Fuck the band.”

I popped my head around the door to the lounge.  “Well that depends on if you wanna eat this week or not Jordy.”

“Damn it Rose,” he snapped.

“Well get a sodding job then Jordy.  I do’t know how you and Liam can be so bloody different.”

“Stop comparing me to Liam, makes me think you fancy him.”

“Maybe I do,” I yelled at him.  “I’m sick of your lazy ass Jordy.”

I slammed out of our apartment, walking down the road to meet Gabby and the rest of the band.  We were playing at the local pub tonight.  Money was money though and I loved singing with Liam.

I suppose I’d better explain, Liam is the younger twin of Jordy.  They are both gorgeous though in personality so totally different.  I was starting to think I was going out with the wrong brother.  The thought of sharing a kiss with Liam made me smile, wondering how different it would be.  Looking up into the night sky i started humming “The Kiss of a Rose.”  My tune or what!!

Biting Kisses

Day Seven

Jaide looked around the room, everyone was partying hard, well except the gorgeous hunk leaning against the far wall.  Her eyes widened when their eyes connected.  Violet eyes to cinnamon brown, she shivered as if someone had walked over her grave.  She saw a small smirk curve his lips, he winked at her just as she tore her eyes away, somewhat flustered.

“Who you staring at Jaide?”

“Wondering who the gorgeous hunk is over there.  I’ve never seen him at any of your parties before.”

“Pedro,” she sighed, her eyes going all dreamy.  “He’s lush and sadly my  cousin, which in many ways is a bummer.”

“Where is he from with a name like that,” Jaide asked in surprise.

“Islington,” she laughed, “His mother is Spanish.  Would you like me to introduce you?”

Before she could protest, Lisle grabbed her arm, pulling her over towards Pedro, they came to a full stop when Lisle smacked Pedro on the arm.  Jaide nearly swooned, her breathing hitching at his smell, his hard chest inches from her face.

“Pedro, this is Jaide,” she grinned,  “she wanted to meet my hunky cousin, so be nice to her.”  She placed Jaide’s hand in his and walked away.

He lifted her hand to his lips, smoothing a kiss over it.

“It’s lovely to meet you Jaide,” he whispered in her ear. 

As if on autopilot, she reached up cupping his face in one hand, her other hand behind his head tangling with his dark hair.  The noise of the party disappeared when she trailed a long fingernail across his bottom lip.  Stepping closer Jaide bit his bottom lip, sucking it into her mouth.  His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her tight against his body, he responded tentatively, his lips closing over hers. 

Raining Kisses

Day FourThe sun went behind the clouds, thunder rumbled in the distance, electrifying our surroundings.  Releasing his hand, I looked up, my eyes flashing hot with desire as  the first drops of rain hit our skin.

I shivered, as each drop ran down my top, cooling my hot skin.  I felt like I was sizzling.  He caught my chin in his fingers, smoothing his thumb over my lips.

“I love the rain,” I murmured.  

“Heidi girl, your’re divine,” he replied.

That was when i finally noticed my clothes were now soaked through, my nipples hard and aching for his touch.  I leaned into him watching his desire grow.  He shrugged out of his t-shirt, his dark hair plastered to his head.  Smiling down at me his head to one side making me grin.

“What Roan?”

“I’m going to kiss you Heidi.”

Next moment he had me in his arms, leaning me back over one of them.  He looked at me for a moment then pulled me in for a hot fierce kiss as the cooling rain fell around us.