Raining Kisses

Day FourThe sun went behind the clouds, thunder rumbled in the distance, electrifying our surroundings.  Releasing his hand, I looked up, my eyes flashing hot with desire as  the first drops of rain hit our skin.

I shivered, as each drop ran down my top, cooling my hot skin.  I felt like I was sizzling.  He caught my chin in his fingers, smoothing his thumb over my lips.

“I love the rain,” I murmured.  

“Heidi girl, your’re divine,” he replied.

That was when i finally noticed my clothes were now soaked through, my nipples hard and aching for his touch.  I leaned into him watching his desire grow.  He shrugged out of his t-shirt, his dark hair plastered to his head.  Smiling down at me his head to one side making me grin.

“What Roan?”

“I’m going to kiss you Heidi.”

Next moment he had me in his arms, leaning me back over one of them.  He looked at me for a moment then pulled me in for a hot fierce kiss as the cooling rain fell around us.


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