Burning Kisses

Day OneTerri groaned, her pleasure heightened as Marc trailed hot burning kisses across her throat until his lip met hers.  Whimpering she opened her mouth in welcome, her eyes darkening as her desire grew.  Marc looked deep into her eyes before they fluttered closed.  Their kisses deepening as tongues tantalized, tangling together Terri let a powerful shudder move through her body so he held her closer, tighter letting her feel everything she was doing to his body.  He moved her backwards, until her back was against the wall, she muttered as the ice cold cooled the heat in her body.

“Marc,” she shivered.  “

“I love the taste of your soft, silky skin, you divine lips taste…”  He starts to mutter, never finishing his sentence.  Terri kissed him, demanding more…


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