Thirty Days of Kisses

12506694_10208676680660984_1245447145_nMet the sexy, savvy and delicious Zora and Chloe.  Two authors who take you on a journey through their erotic books with thirty days of kisses and teasers.

Zora is an American beauty, tall with curves in all the right places.  A voyeur at heart Zora loves to watch people and their interactions, listening to the life stories of others and puts her vivid imagination to work to pen emotional and sensual novels you will love.

Meanwhile Chloe, a British author goes to the extremes of writing with her lusty and wild imagination taking you on a journey of sexual pleasure with BDSM, partner swaps and swinger clubs.  She even writes Gay novella’s though they are yet to be published.

Keep up with their blogging over the coming days and learn more about their writing.  Great stories, fabulously delicious love and sex scenes with plenty of kisses.


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